Will Wonders Never Cease?

Finally! All of my books are now in print! It’s been an amazing journey–switching from the Microsoft OS to a Macbook Air after Word kept eating part of my manuscript. After rewriting a week’s worth of text three days in a row, I asked my engineer husband for help. He asked me the usual questions–was I saving after every writing session? Yes. Yet there was no backup. What was going on? I had no clue. He checked the cloud. It wasn’t there, and it hadn’t saved anything for the previous 30 days. But it was on, saving nothing.

My work was just gone.

I was done with the Microsoft OS after that and told my husband so. A few days later, I had my first Macbook AIr. There was definitely a learning curve for someone who had never used anything but Microsoft, but I stuck with it. It’s been about three years now, and I’ll never go back. Issues have been few, and I love it.

It’s taken me eight to ten months to format my eight novels for print publication, but now it’s done. Those who read ebooks might enjoy holding a real paperback in their hands. I have fewer than ten ebooks, and I almost always buy paperback. The smell of a new book is wonderful.

If you’d like to travel to Medieval England, Victorian England, or the Deep South turning the pages of a book, now you can. Simply click the Amazon link, and you can browse to your heart’s content.

Happy reading!!

Another Star in the Sky!

I’ve been hard at work the last few months preparing books for paperback editions, and the Majesta Landing contemporary romance series was first to go to print. By early June, the romantic historical Heart of a Rose series will also be available in print, followed by Forsaken, the first romantic medieval book in the De Montbrai saga. I’m so proud to offer these at major ebook retailers and in print at Amazon–click here.

Just an aside–I will be autographing copies of my books, as well. These will be available at Jones General Goods, my favorite online store for skin sensitive, hand crafted soaps and home goods made right here in the U.S.–click here.

They offer great, affordable gifts for the bride-to-be, as housewarming gifts, for mothers and fathers, college students, and kids. I have it on good authority that items for pets will be added in the future. I’m a proud supporter of small businesses.

A Dream Come True!

Ever since I was old enough to hold a book in my hands and read the story inside, I’ve wanted to write my own book and see it published in print–something I could hold. The ebooks came first, and I was satisfied with that for a long time. But now–now I’m proud to announce that the Majesta Landing Series is in print! It’s been a long time coming, but it’s done! They are beautifully done and a pleasure to hold.

You can order the paperbacks from Amazon: Pictures for MaddieHis Norse Star; and Midnight by Day.

Off the Radar . . .

I’ve been off the radar for almost three years, can you believe it? I wish I could say I took the Grand Tour or sailed around the world on my private yacht, but I can’t. The truth is, I took a major hit health wise and am finally feeling well enough to get back to writing and taking care of all the accessories. It started with a bad reaction to an antibiotic that left me with a collapsed immune system and other lovely problems including permanent damage to both Achilles tendons and a life threatening case of aseptic viral meningitis (AVM). I’m also one of the lucky few who gets to have AVM over and over. I had two back surgeries two weeks apart. Later, I started having back injections for continuing pain only to have the the injections set off the AVM each time I had one. Later, I had to wear a boot for an injury to my Achilles tendon, I wound up in the emergency room with kidney stones, and had surgery for nerve entrapment in my right elbow. I couldn’t type for months, and my poor pinky finger is still numb, albeit waking up, but healing of the nerve takes a long time.

And, in the middle of it all, I lost my father.

2021 is a new year, and I hope my health issues remain minimal for the time being. So, I press on. I will always miss my dad and mom, and I hold them close to my heart. I’m still in pain, and it’s hard to walk most days, which makes it difficult to go anywhere like I used to. To bolster my weakened immune system, we are making the switch to whole foods, eliminating the chem lab by reading labels, and eating as clean as possible. Only time will tell if any of the changes are making a difference.

For all my fans, I’ve missed you. I’m nearly finished with book 2 of my medieval trilogy. People have asked me if I was ever going to write book 2 and 3, and the answer is yes, I’m doing it now. Forsaken came first, the story of Dane and Morynha. Now, Forlorn is in the works. A release date and cover will be announced when I have a better idea about rewrites and editing. I’m also updating my social media.

You may be asking, “So, what happened to the new website you told us was coming soon?” My answer: Well, I still have it, but I can only deal with one thing at a time. I’ll eventually roll it out, but I have more pressing things to take care of first.

For now, it’s just good to be back!

Midnight by Day – Released!

Hey, gang, it’s official! Midnight by Day has been released as promised! Today is the day! Kavik Raines finally joins his brothers with a story of his own. He’s strong, intelligent, and loyal to a fault. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he’s well versed in weapons use, and can survive deprivation almost anywhere.

Aubree Scott, an avowed city girl, finds herself living off the grid in Alaska. Forced into hiding, she finds her new digs a little too rustic for her tastes. She loves being a fashion designer in Paris, with its bright lights, runways, fine food, and through-the- roof, old world ambiance.

Then, city girl meets off the grid. It’s a clash of styles and personalities. Bodyguard vs. guarded body. Wild vs. civilized. Mountains vs. the Eiffel Tower. Worn, ancient trails vs. the Champs-Élysées. He won’t leave. She won’t stay.

The adventure is on!

Secure your copy of Midnight by Day by clicking on one of the following links– Smashwords and Amazon. Other retailers will be added soon.

Happy reading!

Midnight By Day ~ February 28 Release!

Fashion designer Aubree Scott is living her brass ring dream life. Until she awakens from a coma, badly broken, and unable to remember what happened. Placed in protective custody, she’s given a new identity and whisked away to a remote island in Alaska.

To keep his secrets, former FBI agent Kavik Raines has shunned family and friends on a secluded island. Intruders aren’t welcome—including those from his past. He balks at signing on as her bodyguard, and she makes it clear she doesn’t want one.

Forced into an alliance, they’re in a race against time. International criminals are in pursuit, convinced she’s alive and has what they want. Aubree must put a face to the nightmares before it’s too late, and Kav must protect her at all costs, even if he must give up his own secrets. Will she remember the past and discover what’s so important it’s worth killing for? And will they learn the truth before they run out of time?

I’m pleased to announce that Midnight By Day will be released on February 28. It’s been a long journey, and I appreciate your patience. If you loved Kody and Tec’s stories, you’ll enjoy meeting ex-FBI agent Kavik Raines and watch him fall for fashion designer Aubree Scott. Get ready for an Alaskan adventure!