Heart of a Rose: Book 2 ~ A Rose in Summer has been published!

The exciting conclusion to A Rose Beneath the Snow! Miranda Kingswood has been reunited with the man who abandoned her, and she strives to discover why he has no memory of her. The Earl of Hawk, determined to secure his inheritance, declares that their marriage will last the required one year and after that he will seek a costly divorce.

Yet as the days pass, Lord Hawk finds himself drawn to the woman he swore to never love, and begins to wonder if his first impressions of her were completely wrong.

Miranda, now the Countess of Hawk, is mistress of Hawkesmier, her husband’s ancestral home on the ancient downs of Wiltshire. She despises the marriage pact she made with her husband. Can she convince him not to go through with it?

They fight each other and their growing desires while battling an unseen adversary who moves seamlessly through their lives. Will her secrets be revealed before it’s too late? Will he convince her that he is worthy of her trust? And will they discover the identity of their embittered foe before the love they were destined to share is destroyed?  (Rated: R)

A Rose in Summer begins where A Rose Beneath the Snow leaves off.

Ebook available now for $2.99  at Smashwords and other fine ebook retailers!

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