Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover!

It’s what our mothers always told us, right?  Beautiful treasures can be found within the ugliest rocks.  Just look at those sparkling beauties inside geodes!  Well…..apparently, I had an ugly rock and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

I discovered A Rose Beneath The Snow at Goodreads, an online community dedicated to readers, but also for authors to showcase their work.  It’s quite a nice website with some great features.  What had me flummoxed was to learn I had inadvertently made the Worst Book Cover List for 2012 (#227 out of 249 entries), but not with the current cover.  The one I used originally was replaced a couple of weeks later with the current, professionally designed one.  So, I registered, claimed the book as author and promptly uploaded the current cover – of course, now the correct cover has the distinction of being one of the worst.  Oh well…

So, I went looking across the internet for reader reactions to bad covers and some were quite humorous.  I also read that some believe that if they don’t like the cover–or the cover is deemed bad by someone else, it doesn’t bode well for the story.  I hope readers don’t really feel that way.  It has to be a terrible thing for an author to get stuck with a bad cover.  They have spent months, even years, writing their hearts out, and they want so much to shine!  Does this mean it doesn’t matter how a book cover looks?  Of course not.  Authors should always strive to present the best possible book cover but clinker covers can and do happen.  It’s part of publishing.

My husband tells me that even dismal recognition like being one of the Worst Book Covers of 2012 can be a positive thing when you’re trying to promote a book.  Bad press is still press, after all.  That definitely wasn’t the kind of recognition I was looking for.  However, if people are willing to look beyond the cover and give the book a read, they might discover something special inside the ugly rock.

When it’s all said and done, wouldn’t we rather have a treasure inside an ugly rock than an ugly rock hiding inside a beautiful treasure?  Mom’s advice was right!

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover!

  1. Naomi M.

    A diamond in the rough, is what I would have called that first cover. It just needed someone with the right skills to polish it and bring forth it’s natural beauty! Unfortunately, I am guilty for judging books by their covers. If it doesn’t pop out at me, catch my eye in some way that makes me want to pick it up and read it (or in this case buy it and download it) then I’ll pass it by. So I’m glad I took a chance on your book and decided to look past the ugly duckling cover to discover the swan that was hidden inside!


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