A Long Time Ago…

A long time ago on an IBM PC Clone far, far away, resided a story set in post-Colonial America written in a word processor program called Wordstar 5.  The files were saved to a 3 1/2″ floppy disc.  After seven moves and eighteen years, the disc was misplaced and presumed lost.

In the modern world of smart phones, androids, tablets and laptops, even if I ever found the floppy disc, so much time had passed that the information would surely be so corrupt as to render it unreadable.  I grieved for my missing story and resigned myself to the fact that it was gone forever.  I knew I didn’t want to try to re-create it, so I moved on to other projects, publishing two novels this year.

And then it happened.

Last week, my husband, daughter and I were working in the garage, and we came across a box of old computer parts and in the bottom was a stack of 3 1/2″ floppy discs.  I went through them  and lo and behold, there was the old disc with my missing story on it!  It was quite a moment!

The next day, my husband took the disc to work and used his software on it to see if it was readable.  He came home and told me that not only was it readable, but that the files were intact–after 18 years!  Was I shocked!  He saved them to a flash drive, brought them home and spent the evening converting them to Word, although the formatting is completely messed up and words are missing here and there.

The lost has finally been found and I’m currently working to put it back into a readable form.  Hopefully, the story won’t require much editing, although I can already see things that need to be changed.  LOL!  But, I’m so happy to have the story back that any additional work will be worth it.

UPDATE! – I finished re-formatting the story (it has 119,000 words and 199 pages) and I have set it aside for now.  I’ve got to finish the book on which I’m currently working before I start on another project.  But I’m thrilled to have it back and ready to go!

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