Heart of a Rose Series Goes From Two Books to Three!

Heart of A Rose Series
Heart of A Rose Series

Aren’t they gorgeous?! I didn’t think it could ever be possible, but once the editing process was done, I decided to split A Rose in Summer Book 2 and create a Book 3 – Hawk’s Autumn Rose. There was simply too much story to keep it in one volume. The editing process took four months, can you believe it? Jenny Quinlan at Historical Editorial is awesome to work and she really did keep me from having a nervous breakdown! Erin Dameron-Hill at EDH Graphics did the third cover just as she did the first two–she’s so talented and it feels like she can read my mind. Aren’t the seasonal colors beautiful? And I almost forgot to thank Jimmy Thomas at RomanceNovelCovers.com. Their photography is beautiful and top quality. There’s something there for every book genre.

It won’t be long now–the wait is almost over! I can see it–a light at the end of the tunnel! For those of you who have been so patient, the books will be uploaded first at Smashwords to be distributed to other online retailers.

More information on the Books page!

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