Books are listed in chronological order of publication within each series, though this does not apply to stand alone books.  Series books should generally be read in order.  E-books may be purchased at major ebook retailers: Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, Sony, and Barnes & Noble Print editions will be available in the future!

See Sensuality Meter below!

Majesta Landing Series

Meet the Raines brothers – Kody, Tec, and Kav. All three are smart, handsome, and sexy. Kody is the serious one–cop and mayor of Majesta Landing. Tec is a laid back helicopter pilot with an irreverent sense of humor. Former FBI agent Kav is a loner who doesn’t need, or want, anyone in his life. What kind of women will capture their hearts with an enduring love? Let their stories warm your heart!

Pictures for Maddie ~ Book 1

picturesformaddieSelf-employed photographer Larke Scott has a busy work life. She’s also a single mother to four year old Maddie who has spent most of her life with kidney disease. Now she’s in the hospital, fighting for her life, and the clock is ticking.

To help Maddie, Larke will risk everything. She accepts a high paying photography assignment during a flood event that takes her straight into the arms of Kody Raines, the man whose heart she broke years earlier. Larke and Kody find themselves in the middle of a nightmare—on the run, dodging the flood, and the murderous designs of an unknown assassin.

As they rekindle their romance, will they learn the assailant’s identity before time runs out for their daughter?

Published at Smashwords 31 May 2014 (Spicy) $2.99

Amazon Kindle – ebook $2.99

Amazon Print Edition – $12.99

His Norse Star ~ Book 2

Tec Raines has a problem. Looted Native American artifacts buried on his family’s land are recovered including one glass bead. A mystery begins. Are the artifacts real? Or are they a hoax? Enter Dr. Mairenn Vestergaard, archaeologist. She’s invited to investigate the mounds, and reluctant helicopter pilot Tec Raines becomes her trusted right arm. He wants to sell the land. She’s an obstacle – a beautiful one. The summer heats up, and so does their attraction. They must work together to unravel the truth before priceless artifacts are lost forever. Did the Norse who came to Newfoundland in 1000 AD explore deeper into the New World’s interior?

Published in Dec 2015 (Spicy)

Smashwords – ebook $2.99

Amazon Kindle – ebook $2.99

Amazon Print Edition – $13.99

Midnight by Day ~ Book 3

Fashion designer Aubree Scott is living her brass ring dream life. Until the day she awakens from a coma, badly broken, and unable to remember what happened. Placed in protective custody, she’s given a new identity and whisked away to a remote island in Alaska.

To keep his secrets, former FBI agent Kavik Raines lives on a secluded island, shunning family and friends. Intruders aren’t welcome—including Aubree Scott, someone from his past. He balks at signing on as her bodyguard, and she makes it clear she doesn’t want one.

Forced into an alliance, they’re in a race against time. The criminals are stalking her, convinced she’s alive and has what they want. Aubree must put a face to the nightmares before it’s too late, and Kav must protect her at all costs, even if it means giving up his own secrets. Will she remember the past and discover what’s so important it’s worth killing for? And will they learn the truth before they run out of time?

Published Feb 2018 (Spicy)

Smashwords Ebook – $2.99

Amazon Kindle – ebook $2.99

Amazon Print Edition – $14.99

De Montbrai Saga

Forsaken ~ Book 1


Forsaken is an historical novel set in the medieval England of King Henry I. Dane de Falaise, an outcast knight, and Morynha de Montbrai, the woman he kidnaps, attempt to bring justice down on the head of the man who murdered his family.

Forsaken . . .

To all who knew him, Dane de Falaise was a dead man. Hiding behind a mask, he becomes the Black Falcon, a man without a home, a name, or fealty to any man. Both hunted and feared, he travels the countryside, searching relentlessly for the one who slaughtered those he loved and changed his life forever.

Forsaken . . .

Morynha de Montbrai is kidnapped by a menacing, black garbed knight and becomes a pawn in a sinister game. As she and her captor struggle to find common ground, Morynha must teach Dane that some things are more important than revenge. Will they find a fierce, burning love born from the seeds of their hatred and mistrust—or will they discover that, when the good in man is over taken by evil, they are left with nothing and remain…forsaken?

WARNING: This book contains several depictions of violence in keeping with the time period. They are intended for adult readers and may be offensive to some people. They are neither lengthy nor gratuitous, but are an integral part of the story and its ultimate resolution. Please read the free sample before purchasing.

Published at Smashwords 1 Mar 2013 (Spicy) $2.99

Amazon Kindle – ebook $2.99

Heart of A Rose Series

A Rose Beneath the Snow ~ Book 1

A Rose Beneath the Snow
A Rose Beneath the Snow

A Rose Beneath the Snow is the story of one woman’s rise from the seedier side of Victorian London to the grand ballrooms of the aristocracy as she chases her mysterious beginnings and comes face to face with her past.

She had no name but…Miranda.

Raised in a notorious brothel without family or heritage, she knew only endless days of drudgery as a servant, shrinking from the life that would one day be forced upon her by those to whom she owed her daily existence.

She had no hope until…James.

The man who, with skill and tenderness, showed her what her future could be. He fulfilled her most ardent desires, explored with her the depths of love possible between a man and a woman — and betrayed her trust.

She feared the future without…her identity.

Alone, wounded, and armed with mysterious clues to her family, she begins an epic journey through Victorian London to find the answers she seeks—all the while hiding her past and shunning love and marriage. She wonders if she will ever again meet the man who spoke to her heart. And if she did, would it change the course of her destiny . . . and his?

WARNING: This book contains several depictions of violence in keeping with the time period. They are intended for adult readers and may be offensive to some people. They are neither lengthy nor gratuitous, but are an integral part of the story and its ultimate resolution. Please read the free sample before purchasing.

Published at Smashwords 17 Feb 2012 (Spicy) Cost: $2.99

Amazon Kindle – ebook $2.99

A Rose in Summer ~ Book 2

A Rose in Summer
A Rose in Summer

Miranda Kingswood and the Earl of Hawk’s dramatic story continues. She has been reunited with the man who abandoned her, and she strives to discover why he has no memory of her. Now wed and living at the beautiful castle in Wiltshire, Miranda is drawn to the man who has sworn to never love her.

The Earl of Hawk, determined to secure his inheritance, declares that their marriage will last the required one year and after that, he will seek a costly divorce. Yet as the days pass, he finds himself drawn to the woman he swore to never love, and begins to wonder if his first impressions of her were completely wrong.

Now the Countess of Hawk, Miranda is mistress of Hawkesmier, her husband’s ancestral home on the ancient downs of Wiltshire. She despises the marriage pact she made with her husband. Can she convince him not to go through with it? They fight each other and their growing desires while a dangerous adversary threatens their marriage, and their lives.

Published at Smashwords 5 May 2012 (Spicy) Cost $2.99

Amazon Kindle – ebook $2.99

Hawk’s Autumn Rose 

Hawk's Autumn Rose
Hawk’s Autumn RoseHawk’s Autumn Rose ~ Book 3

The exciting conclusion to the Heart of a Rose trilogy!

A sinister danger is unleashed, threatening Hawk and Miranda’s world. As the past tears them apart, he watches helplessly as she is drawn farther and farther away. Can he protect the woman he loves and convince her that he is worthy of her trust and devotion?

Wrenched away from the only man she will ever love, Miranda must now face a life without Hawk. She clings to a dark secret–will he uncover it before he loses her forever? And will they discover the identity of their embittered foe before the love they were destined to share is destroyed?

Published at Smashwords 1 November 2013 (Spicy) Cost $2.99

Amazon Kindle – ebook $2.99

Sensuality Meter

SWEET — Does not include lovemaking of any kind.

SENSUAL — Many romance novels fall into this category. Conventional lovemaking, mostly above waist, leaving much to the imagination.

VERY SENSUAL — A cross between sensual and spicy, but goes beyond conventional lovemaking–would likely include below waist. A little more explicit.

SPICY — Even more explicit sex.

SEXY — Borders on erotic. Graphic sex without extreme language.

SMOKIN’ HOT — Erotic — very graphic sex, nothing is taboo. Includes extreme language.

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