His Norse Star Cover Reveal on December 1st!!

Just one day to go! The cover is beautiful and tells the story in one image! But before then, here’s one last teaser.

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I’m on Instagram!

As I begin final preparations for the release of Book 2 of the Majesta Landing Series, I decided to add Instagram to my social media @gaylemullenpace. There are icons in the right margin at the top. It’s fun, and it’s a great way to highlight the things I enjoy when I’m writing and when I’m not. You never know what I’ll post next–a book quote, a photo of delicious food made right in my own kitchen (writers have to eat, too!), story inspiration, writer’s humor, or an occasional photo of a hobby creation (I love to knit and crochet). To get you started, here’s a quote I posted on Instagram from Pictures for Maddie, my book starring Kody Raines and Larke Scott.

Pictures for Maddie Quote
Pictures for Maddie Quote

Professor’s Hilarious Assignment Perfectly Shows The Difference Between Men and Women

Writers tend to be solitary, introverted people, quietly weaving stories, and breathing life into imaginary characters who become real. For many, the thought of co-authoring a book is a nightmare not visited, and for good reason, as this professor discovered when he paired his students for an exercise in ‘tandem writing.’

After reading this, I’ll never think about co-authoring the same way again. Hop over to The Federalist Papers to read Jason W. Stevens’ post about this sometimes disastrous form of writing in all of its humorous glory!

by Jason W. Stevens at The Federalist Papers
by Jason W. Stevens at The Federalist Papers

Read Jason W. Stevens’ complete post here!

Coming Soon! New Book Reveal!

It’s been a long time in coming, but it’s almost here. Book 2 of the Majesta Landing Series has been through beta reading and is now in the hands of my editor. For those of you who enjoyed Book 1, Pictures for Maddie, you’ll remember that the hero, Kody Raines, has a brother named Tec. He’s a cocky helicopter pilot who owns his own company and played an important supporting role in Kody’s story with heroine Larke Scott.

Finally, Tec has his own story. complete with a heroine who turns his life upside down. She catches his eye, and he soon discovers that she’s different from any other woman he’s ever met. Not only is she beautiful and smart, she’s an archaeologist hired to assess a possible historic site. Sparks fly.

It’s one roller coaster ride of an adventure. And, it’s by far the sexiest story I’ve written so far. My beta reader (who’s no prude), said I made her blush! And the best part is the Happily Ever After ending. So, stay tuned. The cover reveal is coming up and I can’t wait to share it with you! Some good things are in the works for the official launch, including a small bonus at the end of the story–something I’ve never done before. I’m excited!

Until then, happy reading!