I’m on Instagram!

As I begin final preparations for the release of Book 2 of the Majesta Landing Series, I decided to add Instagram to my social media @gaylemullenpace. There are icons in the right margin at the top. It’s fun, and it’s a great way to highlight the things I enjoy when I’m writing and when I’m not. You never know what I’ll post next–a book quote, a photo of delicious food made right in my own kitchen (writers have to eat, too!), story inspiration, writer’s humor, or an occasional photo of a hobby creation (I love to knit and crochet). To get you started, here’s a quote I posted on Instagram from Pictures for Maddie, my book starring Kody Raines and Larke Scott.

Pictures for Maddie Quote
Pictures for Maddie Quote

PICTURES FOR MADDIE has been released!

Drum roll, please! It’s here! Pictures for Maddie is here! It’s been a long haul to get this little gem ready to publish. During the past two weeks (a critical time in the final process),  I’ve been sick and writing was the last thing I wanted to do. However, I had to meet the May 31 deadline and I made it! It’s my first contemporary after four historicals. Woman with a secret. Hot, hunky male. A dangerous natural disaster. All the ingredients of a wild, sensuous adventure! It has its own storyboard at Pinterest, filled with elements from the book. Check it out and leave a comment–there or here! Pictures for Maddie is available at Smashwords and Amazon for $2.99.

Will they rediscover love in the midst of a disaster?
Will they rediscover love in the midst of a disaster?

Her secret . . .
Larke Scott never told anyone why she broke her engagement and disappeared, shattering her heart and leaving her fiancé confused and angry. She hid from him that she gave birth to his child, hoping that if she kept the secret and stayed away from the man she loved, her family would be safe.

His resolve . . .
Five years later, Mayor Kody Raines has his hands full—the worst flood in one hundred years is overwhelming towns along the Tennessee River. In the midst of the crisis, he turns around and there she is, the woman he’s never forgotten, the woman who mercilessly dumped him and vanished. She makes a shocking confession—he has a daughter! Convinced there’s more to the story, he decides that, no matter what the cost, he’ll discover how deep her deception runs.

Nature’s fury . . .
With the threat of the levee’s imminent collapse, Kody and Larke suddenly find themselves in the middle of a nightmare: on the run, dodging an unknown assailant. He believes she knows more than she’s telling. Their world unravels when they receive a desperate phone call—“Maddie is missing.”

And the levee breaks . . .

Pictures of Maddie ~ Cover Reveal!

It’s here at last! The cover for my first contemporary romance novel. Join Kody Raines and Larke Scott as they battle each other and a natural disaster that could end their second chance at love even before it begins.

Here’s a short excerpt:

Will they rediscover love in the midst of a disaster?
Will they rediscover love in the midst of a disaster?

“What did I do to make you hate me so much?”

Larke leaned her forehead against his shoulder, shaking her head, soaking up his warmth, knowing she could lie against him, her arms around him, for just a moment. “I never hated you,” she confessed.

“And yet you left,” he reminded her, certain they were at the threshold of the truth.

“I wanted to stay,” she confessed, her arms tightening around him. “I wanted . . .” She stopped, uncertain, biting her lip, and she raised her tear-ravaged face.

Kody was afraid to breathe, to hope. After all these years, was it possible? His fingers caressed her cheek, his eyes soft with concern. “What did you want?”
Her eyes slipped shut as she sighed, leaning into his rough palm, rubbing her cheek against him. “You. Only you.”

Watch for the release on May 31, 2014 at Amazon and Smashwords. A huge thank you to Erin Dameron-Hill Graphics who designed it!