10 Key Questions That Can Determine Your Success As A Writer

Jonathan Gunson of Bestseller Labs has put together ten key questions that will cut to the heart of our fears as writers. He then answers the questions, stripping away the

Courtesy of fromoldbooks.org
Courtesy of fromoldbooks.org

insecurities that plague us, holding us back and preventing us from even trying to reach our goals, our dreams. Are we stalled in the middle of a project or is there a story in our heads, but have yet to begin writing it? Perhaps we sit at the computer or laptop, staring at the blank page and watching the cursor blink endlessly. Are we allowing daily life to intrude on our writing time?  Do we even HAVE a writing time?  Are we afraid of what others will think of our work?

He asks this very important question:Do you know WHY you are writing? Get clear why you are doing this.There’s no doubt you’d like to earn some money from your work, but essentially it is vocational. Being a writer embodies more than putting words on paper.  It reaches deep within.  It’s who you ARE.  Furthermore, most writers are not aware of the extraordinarily powerful advantage they have: IDENTITY:  I am a writer.  Very few people on earth know who they are, or what their purpose is. But you do.”

Read the entire post here.

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