Hawk’s Autumn Rose Quote of the Day

So much love. So much pain.
So much love. So little time.

The above quote is from Hawk’s Autumn Rose, Book 3 of the Heart of the Rose Series. If you haven’t met Miranda and the Earl of Hawk, now is the time to get acquainted. All three books in the Victorian era series are available at your favorite online retailer.

Hello, November . . .

Hello, November.
Hello, November.

Wherever you are, enjoy the month. Falling leaves. Chill winds. A warm fire. Mulled cider. Gooey s’mores. A walk in the woods. Wooly sweaters. A cozy chair. Warm blankets. A cup of tea and a good book. Immerse yourself in a Victorian romance – the Heart of the Rose Series from your favorite online retailer.

Heart of a Rose Series now at Amazon!

It was a long time in coming, but I finally did it with the help of a wonderful editor! The three novels comprising the Heart of a Rose Series have made the leap and are now available for Kindle at Amazon! Discover the wonderful world of Victorian London and immerse yourself in the story of Miranda Kingswood and the Earl of Hawk.

Heart of A Rose Series
Heart of A Rose Series

A Rose Beneath the Snow Now Available at Amazon!

I’m pleased to announce that A Rose Beneath the Snow has been released for Kindle at Amazon! Follow the link to see the book at Amazon. A Rose in Summer and Hawk’s Autumn Rose are next up! A huge thank you to all my fans and readers who have been so supportive and encouraging while I get all this done.

Heart of a Rose Series Uploaded!

Well, It’s done! Can I do a happy dance? Stand on the roof and shout it to all my neighbors? The three books, A Rose Beneath the Snow, A Rose in Summer, and Hawk’s Autumn Rose have been uploaded to Smashwords. While they’re not available anywhere else yet (pending review for the premium catalog), I’m happy to say this long journey is about over. Amazon for Kindle users is next and after that I’ll offer a print edition for those who just have to have the real deal in their hands. I’m the same way. I love the feel of a printed book.

Heart of a Rose Series Goes From Two Books to Three!

Heart of A Rose Series
Heart of A Rose Series

Aren’t they gorgeous?! I didn’t think it could ever be possible, but once the editing process was done, I decided to split A Rose in Summer Book 2 and create a Book 3 – Hawk’s Autumn Rose. There was simply too much story to keep it in one volume. The editing process took four months, can you believe it? Jenny Quinlan at Historical Editorial is awesome to work and she really did keep me from having a nervous breakdown! Erin Dameron-Hill at EDH Graphics did the third cover just as she did the first two–she’s so talented and it feels like she can read my mind. Aren’t the seasonal colors beautiful? And I almost forgot to thank Jimmy Thomas at RomanceNovelCovers.com. Their photography is beautiful and top quality. There’s something there for every book genre.

It won’t be long now–the wait is almost over! I can see it–a light at the end of the tunnel! For those of you who have been so patient, the books will be uploaded first at Smashwords to be distributed to other online retailers.

More information on the Books page!

Unveiling The New Book Covers for the Heart of a Rose Series

With the professional editing of A Rose Beneath the Snow and A Rose in Summer nearing completion, it’s time to unveil the new covers! Ta -Dah! What do you think?

A Rose Beneath the Snow
A Rose Beneath the Snow
A Rose in Summer
A Rose in Summer

All the credit for these gorgeous covers goes to EDHGraphics. Erin Dameron-Hill took my scrap of thoughts and designed the covers using photos from the Romance Novel Covers (RNC) website. She captured perfectly the theme and mood for both novels. Aren’t they delicious? She also did the cover for Forsaken and will be designing the next two books in the series.

I wanted to release the novels for Kindle on Amazon.com and had received numerous requests for a paperback release. I decided that before I did that I needed to review the manuscripts and make sure there were no errors. Oh, was I in for a shock! Did I find mistakes in the manuscript that I had missed? Yes. And I kept finding them after six weeks. Frustrated, I finally cried uncle and contacted Jenny Quinlan at Historical Editorial. She’s wonderful to work with and kept me from having a nervous breakdown. She also made me think about scenes and why things unfolded the way they did. In several instances, I had to dig deep and do a complete rewrite which made for a better story, although the bones of each story remains the same. The changes are most obvious in the first half of A Rose Beneath the Snow and the second half of A Rose in Summer. Am I glad I did it? Yes. Was it worth the effort? Definitely!

As soon as I have a confirmed date for uploading the revised books, I’ll post it here. For now, I just wanted to unveil the new covers. Stay tuned for more updates!

Heart of a Rose: Book 2 ~ A Rose in Summer has been published!

The exciting conclusion to A Rose Beneath the Snow! Miranda Kingswood has been reunited with the man who abandoned her, and she strives to discover why he has no memory of her. The Earl of Hawk, determined to secure his inheritance, declares that their marriage will last the required one year and after that he will seek a costly divorce.

Yet as the days pass, Lord Hawk finds himself drawn to the woman he swore to never love, and begins to wonder if his first impressions of her were completely wrong.

Miranda, now the Countess of Hawk, is mistress of Hawkesmier, her husband’s ancestral home on the ancient downs of Wiltshire. She despises the marriage pact she made with her husband. Can she convince him not to go through with it?

They fight each other and their growing desires while battling an unseen adversary who moves seamlessly through their lives. Will her secrets be revealed before it’s too late? Will he convince her that he is worthy of her trust? And will they discover the identity of their embittered foe before the love they were destined to share is destroyed?  (Rated: R)

A Rose in Summer begins where A Rose Beneath the Snow leaves off.

Ebook available now for $2.99  at Smashwords and other fine ebook retailers!